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Safe Housing 

All birds joining us are safe housed which is Short-term fostering. Our first priority is for the health wellbeing of birds and so all our parrots visit an Avian vet approved by our trustees for a health check and a microchip. 


Our safe houses have all been checked by our welfare officers, and we have a UK wide team available at short notice to help birds in need, whilst their forever home is found. During their time one of the most important things is establishing a balanced diet. This can be challenging in itself when some birds come to us having only known unhealthy dry mixes which often contribute to their health problems.


During this time the behaviour and needs of birds is also assessed. We take great care to record behavioural issues and work on gaining trust in order to build confidence with people and implement training. 


During this time we can establish if birds are suitable to be housed with other birds, or family pets. We can also get an understanding to the gender preference for bonding and their suitability to be housed with children. 


Our team share regular updates in our Facebook group where we share advice and support each other before completing a final evaluation in order to provide the best possible match with a forever family for each bird we rescue. 


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