Whether it be for an overnight stay, an annual holiday or maybe an extended period of leave, you can rest easy that your precious feathered friends are in experienced, attentive and loving hands. All birds are catered for - large and small. Our flock and our guests gets lots of attention, stimulation and supervised time out of their cage on a daily basis.


No bird is forced out of their cage, guests are allowed to set their own pace for interacting with the boarding foster home. We can also can take parrots with behavioural challenges for respite care and with your permission, we can also introduce some training during their stay.


Our guests will be provided with some fresh produce plus their own seed, soaked or pelleted dietary needs or special care needs. If you require us to provide seed or pellets this will be added on to the daily price of £1 per day per bird.

Put very simply, your precious feathered friends will become one of our family for the duration of their stay at Avian Angels Parrot Rescue boarding. They may miss you but they will lack nothing in terms of loving care and attention We have a team of home checked and experienced bird owners across the country who can deliver this service. 


Daily fees are
£10 per day per cage this includes fuel expenses in the west midlands area extra fuel cost will be added outside of the west midlands area.
- £1 extra if Seed or pellets aren't provided by you.
There are discounts for multiple.birds.. We can also look after other small pets eg cats rabbits, hamsters, reptiles as we have staff experience with those as well


We highly recommend dropping your bird off and spending a little time with them at the boarded home to settle them, but if this is not possible we can collect and drop off .we can also provide a in home service where we visit your birds at home instead of coming into boarding we will need to meet your feathered friends first to say high and introduce ourselves. 

If you would like to use this service, please get in touch with and where you live, the type of bird you have and when you would like to board your bird with us and someone will respond as soon as possible.