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Meet our feathered friends

Here is where we share information about the birds who are at the centre of everything we do at the rescue. Please be aware that some of these birds have not had the best start in life so they may be missing a few feathers and. There are some success stories and some birds currently seeking new homes and some birds who are new to the rescue and need our help. If you're not in a position to join us as a member please consider donating to support us in our endeavours to give these birds the best care. 


New to the Rescue

As we are a rescue first and foremost we often receive calls to collect birds who have not had the best start in life. These birds often require a lot of medical attention. If you are not in a position to help foster a bird then you can still help by donating to us to help cover the costs of veterinary bills and everything else which goes along with providing the best care. To find out about some of our recent rescues head to "new to the rescue"  but please be warned that the images may be graphic.   


Birds seeking forever homes

we have a Facebook group avian angels parrot rescue were all our birds available for rehoming are in the announcements section of the page with pictures and a write up all about the birds and the kind of home they require.


Success Stories

all our success stories can be found on our Facebook page avian angels parrot rescue. there you will get to see all the birds that have been successfully rehomed  and see what birds are available for rehoming and updates as well as support from our staff.

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