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All of these birds are looking for their forever homes. If you are interested in applying to become a long term foster home then you must be a member and have completed a home check with one of our welfare officers. Please be aware that each bird comes with a history and has been assessed by one of our volunteers so that we can find them the best possible match. 

Meet the Birds

This is Charlie a yellow collared macaw he's a lovely boy who loves to play peekaboo. Charlie loves kids, loves the attention and will say a few words too. Charlie will chose his person which must be a female.

This is Eddie a 5 year old blue front amazon, he is such a good boy, loves his food, steps up beautifully, loves to be out of his cage, loves ladies and ok with men too.

AAPR Buster.jpg

This Buster and Molly a pair of African Grey who live together, they love to sing and whistle happy birthday and teach other greys too, Buster loves to do thehghhhhh coronation street theme and molly loves to show her counting skills

This is Squishy an 18 mouth old parakeet he is a quiet, timid bird who can be a little bit unsure on weather to come out, he has no preference, loves other birds and loves swinginmg on his swing too

This is Jess, Fluff, Maverick and jade 4 beautiful budgies, they all live together someone who is willing to give them the attention and time and patience they need they will be a lovely addition to any home.

This is Thor a 6 month old kakariki his is timid boy, loves his fruit and veg too, he will land on you but on his terms, he's an absolute sweetheart and will make a gorgeous companion for someone

This is Stanley a 20 year old Senegal he prefers men but has gone to women, he's not good around children and not good with others either, loves head scratches and sitting the door of this cage too

This is Bonnie 2 year old and Clyde 5 year old Quakers, they are a lovely pair, there eat, sleep, fly in unison, fine around other birds, love to spend all day out.

This is Navy a 21 year old Vinaceous Amazon. navy likes to bee around people and enjoys what's going on, prefers women, she has a lovely personality and loves to be out of her cage as much as possible too, fine with other birds too

This Oscar a 25 year old Alexandrine he is a friendly quiet boy who talks in a whisper, likes to be on your shoulder, Oscar is not bothered by other birds. someone who is around most of the day would be better for oscar too

This is Pippa a 21 year old African Grey she is a lovely bird, prefers men, loves being out the cage, when on the floor will step up, loves to watch what's going too.

This is Arthur an 11 year old African Grey he doesn't seem to have a preference to men or women, is ok around children, also ok withn others birds, he's a chatty boy who loves to do animals noises as well as whistle.   


This is Jaffa a 22 year old Moluccan Cockatoo she is a man's bird, she will step up for males, will accept head scratches, Snuggles and loves neck scratches, she is wary of other birds, needs company throughout the day, loves to chew cardboard and wooden toys 

Apply Today

Get in touch with one of our team using the details below. 

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