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All of these birds are looking for their forever homes. If you are interested in applying to become a long term foster home then you must be a member and have completed a home check with one of our welfare officers. Please be aware that each bird comes with a history and has been assessed by one of our volunteers so that we can find them the best possible match. 

Meet the Birds

This is Stanley a 20 year old Senegal he prefers men but has gone to women, he's not good around children and not good with others either, loves head scratches and sitting the door of this cage too

AAPR Piper.jpg

This is piper a 10/20 years old African grey i prefer to have a man in my life i love toys and love chewing things and i love chatting to the others too and love a walnut and cashew as well.

This is Arthur an 11 year old African Grey he doesn't seem to have a preference to men or women, is ok around children, also ok withn others birds, he's a chatty boy who loves to do animals noises as well as whistle.   

AAPR Buudy B.jpg

This is Buddy a beautiful bare eyed cockatoo, I'm a goof girl and i love a good dance, i don't mind men and women either i just love to have some one who i can dance with and have snuggles too.

This is Lulu a 5 year old chestnut fronted macaw she's such a sweetheart and extremely loving to my person love to shoulder surf and very protective of my person and when am with my favourite person been known to chase people who aren't my person too but so so loving.

AAPR Wilson.jpg

This is Wilson  a 12 year old amazon he's a lovely boy who has a preference towards men and i love being out my cage  and i will step up and i will say step up too along with other words too and a lots to offer.

Apply Today

Get in touch with one of our team using the details below. 

AAPR Lulu.jpg
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