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About Us

We have a passion for parrots 

We are a non profit organisation currently in the process of applying for registered charity status. We can offer free of charge advice with regards to all aspects of taking care of your beloved avian family members.  

Our Story

We know that it is a hard decision to make when you have to find a bird a new home and so we also offer free of charge support, collection and safe housing, and can also provide regular updates throughout the re-homing process. 


All birds remain the property of our rescue for the rest of their natural lifespan. 


 Please do not ask as refusal often offends 

Our birds are placed in safe houses with our registered and home checked members where the best care is provided and birds can be evaluated in order to find the most suitable forever home. 

We believe that all birds who come from a family home environment deserve to stay in homes, so none of the birds in our care are placed in outdoor aviaries unless it is your wish for us to do so. 

All birds that we rescue are also health checked and microchipped by an Avian Vet approved by our board of Trustees

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